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Most of my work is with embedded microcontrollers such as the 68HC705P3S and R65C02, but it would make little sense to post any examples of that code since you would need the exact hardware to use it in. What you will find on this page are sample programs which are offered not so much as useful programs, but as examples of the 80x86 work done here at MPUCoder. And, while these programs do work, they are not intended to be commercial products with lots of features, and they are not "supported". If you discover a bug I certainly would like to know about it, but any suggestions for more features, and support for more than the equipment specified can not be honored.
Latest Sample

The last (actually, the first) of the programs used to determine which file format to use in a stand-alone application I wrote (GIF won for file size and speed). BIMP displays bitmap files (.BMP or .DIB), in either Windows or OS2 format, with 16, 256, or 16.7 million colors.
Click here to download BIMP (39,806 bytes)

JAY version 2.01 is now available, new features include the ability to decode progressive JPEG images. Version 2.01 is an update containing new features and bug fixes, if you've experienced a hang, or strange messages like "bad file number" you should upgrade. More information, and the download of both versions 1.01 and 2.01, are at The JAY Page
Still Available
Jay version 1.01, one of the fastest JPEG rendering programs. More information and the download are available at The JAY Page

Here is a simple game I first saw bundled with Deskmate, which I rewrote to test the underlying display card interface. It's called Sokoban, and it can drive you nuts - the rules are simple, push the blocks into the marked area.
Click here to download SOKOBAN (31,349 bytes)

This is a simple DOS program to display all the block devices and emulated block devices in your system. The program is self documenting, just run it with /? as the parameter
drives /?
The program is very handy for people with DOS networks, or just a lot of disk drives. The information shown is the drive letter, volume name, maximum capacity, and free space.
Click here to download DRIVES version 2.00 (10,665 bytes)

Here is another of the test-bed graphics programs. This one is called GIFR, and, as the name implies, it is a DOS program for viewing GIF format files. Unlike JAY, GIFR has no requirement for a 386 CPU, and can run on any PC with at least a VGA video card. It supports interlaced and animated GIFs, as well as the slideshow ability.
Click here to download GIFR version 1.00 (18,899 bytes)

Coming Soon

In the near future the other programs developed for DOS will be available here, these include
COLORS, which displays a constant-saturation color wheel
EMBED, a utility for embedding any file into an executable as a data structure

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