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Allows you to:
  • monitor several remote PCs
  • collaborate with others
  • use for Internet video with ANY source, including PBTV!

Add to that these features:
  • the ability to lock onto any window.
  • the ability to follow the "focus" window
  • reduced-size, actual-size, enlarged, and any size in between
  • four viewers (registered version)
  • up to 10 clients per server (registered version)
  • simultaneous viewing and serving
  • built in CHAT tool
Originally written to allow remote monitoring of several computers, it was quickly discovered in testing that Portal could transport live video from a QuickCam with ease. Achieving 2:5 compression for most full-color continuous-tone images, and over 1:20 for simpler graphics as found on the typical desktop, Portal's proprietary compression is one of the most efficient LOSSLESS algorithms.

The following unregistered shareware versions are available:
16-bit pre-release
16-bit version 1
32-bit version 1

Portal has been tested sucessfully for video transmission with the following:

The ATI All-In-Wonder cards CANNOT display live video as they do not place the live video into system memory. Moreover replayed video is also not available due to the implimentation of ActiveX
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