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MPUCoder is available for in house or on site consulting and contract work. In house facilities are excellent, exceeding what the average programmer has at his command. This includes ROM burning, test platforms, and eight Intel platforms. We also have CDRom burning capabilities, and access to an excellent audio/video lab at SoundWare Associates.
Although demos of embedded code and microcode are not practical, we would like you to sample work done for the PC, including the fastest JPEG rendering I've ever seen for DOS. It's in the Section.

Our first entry into Windows and Internet programming, Portal allows you to monitor several remote PCs, collaborate with others, or use for Internet video with ANY source, including PBTV!

If you like high speed, high performance software, and are tired of stuff that crashes more often than the Wright brothers, then MPUCoder is for you!

Background image: the port usage definitions of a 68HC705P3S used as an audio router controller with serial network and keyboard interfaces. For more information on the router Click here.