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May 27, 2014: This site is changing! The software site STNSoft has been online since January 2012. Since that time all material related to MuxMan and Carbon has been moved to the new site and links on the main page now take you to the new site. Old references to pages will redirect browsers to the new site.
Around mid July this site will become a place for video production, post production, and automation, live effects tips and tricks, and a peek into our past and present production and post-production facility.

July 31, 2013: Carbon Basic is now available

February 19, 2013: MuxMan 1.4.4 released, fixes crashes caused by deficiencies in Windows memory management.

February 1, 2012: All video demos and deformation samples have been replaced with new renders with proper aspect ratio, one video (Stretch the World) is in HD!

A practical use of convolution filters: How to create the "CSI: Miami" moving glass pane effect.

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