Muxman DVD authoring

Demo version 0.16.8
Professional version 1.4.4
Requires purchase (35 USD) to download.
Registered owners of 1.2 and 1.3 may upgrade for free
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  • JACKET_P creation - cli only
  • No navigation dialog or command editor.
  • No seamless joints.
  • No multiplex directives.
  • No demultiplexor.
  • No EDL functions.
  • No GUI button editor
  • No SubPicture viewer
  • No Visual conversion rules setting.
  • No SubPicture effects.
  • No Karaoke support.
  • No Color Palette Management
  • No Settings editor
  • No Drag & Drop files
  • No Segment Timeline editor
  • No motion compositing
  • No HiRes blend engine
  • No HiRes drawing engine
  • No Transition Assistant
  • JACKET_P creation - cli only
  • Navigation dialog and command editor.
  • Seamless joints between segments.
  • Multiplex directives permit pseudo seamless branching.
  • Integrated demultiplexor allows using vob files as source.
  • EDL functions permit linear editing.
  • GUI button editor
  • SubPicture viewer
  • Visual setting of conversion rules, display area.
  • SubPicture effects.
  • Karaoke support.
  • Visual Color Palette Management
  • Disk Settings editor
  • Drag & Drop video, audio, and subpicture files
  • Segment Timeline editor
  • Motion compositing
  • HiRes blend engine
  • HiRes drawing engine
  • Transition Assistant with 132 forward patterns

Both include all script features for Navigation, including highlights for menu/BOV.
Both may have multilingual content for menus, 99 titles, 99 VTS, unlimited segments.
View the mxp documentation or MXP Examples

Input to Muxman may be:
  • Video:
    • DVD compliant mpeg-1 or mpeg-2
    • .bmp or .dib
    • Professional only: VOB files
    • Professional only: TGA files
    • Professional only: SGI files
  • Subpictures:
    • IfoEdit format .sup files
    • Scenarist format .sst files
    • .bmp or .dib files
    • Professional only: VOB files
    • Professional only: TGA files
    • Professional only: SP files
  • Professional only: Additional video types for Compositing:
    • AVI
    • TGA and BMP with alpha channel.
  • Audio:
    • AC3 - 48K sampling rate, 32Kbps to 640Kbps, any channel configuration.
    • DTS - 48K sampling rate, 768Kbps or 1536Kbps, 5.1 channels.
    • mpeg-1 layer II 48K sampling rate, 1 or 2 channels, any bitrate, or 3 to 6 channels with extension.
    • LPCM - 48K or 96K sampling rate, 16/20/24-bit 1 to 8 channels as allowed. limitations
    • Professional only: VOB files
    • Professional only: AC3 with external timestamp
  • Chaptering: simple text file with frame numbers may be imported at this time.
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